・Sweet Potato・・・900g
・Water・・・2.5 cup

A (mixed↓)
・Egg Yolk ・・・×3
・Vanilla Essence・・・a little

B (mixed↓)
・Egg Yolk・・・×1.5
・Water・・・1.5 teaspoons


Sweet potatoes expose to the water.
Put sweet potatoes to in vessel and pourwater.
Put the lid on the vessel and it in oven on storong fire about 6min.30sec.-7min.
It steam a little and strain before cold.
Add it, tender butter and A, well knead.
Put it in press bag.
It squeeze on small aluminum case.
Its surface thinly spread B by brush.
Put it in oven at 230℃.
It bake about 8min.-10min.