・Sweet Potato・・・×3
・Flour・・・8 cup
・Baking Pouder・・・1×15cc spoon
・Salad Oil・・・12×15cc spoons
・Milk・・・12×15cc spoons


Wash sweet potatoes and cut them into 5mm pieces.
Soak the potato pieces into a bowl of water for a while and drain them.
Beat eggs in a bowl and mix tehm with sugar and milk.
Continue beating the dough until it is creamy.
Mix the potato pieces into the dough.
Gradually beat in, using a strainer, flour and aking poeder.
Add some salad oil and mix with the dough.
Divide the dough into some pudding cups.(paper/aluminum foil)
Put a dish cloth under the lid and steam on high for 15 min. or so until the toothoick inserted in the center comes out clean